Who Killed the Internet? Are Bell & Telus holding the Smoking Gun?

The time is coming to have a serious discussion concerning the perception of hostility that companies like Bell, Telus, Rogers and others seem to have towards Canadian internet users.

In this article, the American Free Press author Mike Finch presents information that concerns the economic strategies of Canada’s largest ISPs.

Basically, the suggestion is that they will seek to introduce ‘plans’ that only provide access for the top 100 or 200 web sites, restricting access to the millions of other web properties.

If this is true, what does this spell for a company like Google, which offers those millions of sites to media buyers through the Ad Sense / Content network media buying tool?  And what about the dozens of other ad networks that are gaining more and more of the financial pie, at the expense of the top 100 or 200 sites that Bell and Telus will support through these restricted access programs?  Will these new companies be able to tolerate massive drops in usage, translating to the disappearance of ROS and CPC pricing?

If speculation like this is true, should we demand an investigation to ensure that these one or two companies will not ruin the internet for everyone else?  As media buyers, should we vote with our conscience and say that we cannot buy from companies that are planning to suffocate our very livelihood?

Or is the whole thing bunk?

What are your thoughts?