What They Spend: Help Needed

Posted: September 3rd, 2010   |   Category: Case Studies | Labs | Open

It’s been a very busy summer and I somehow managed to make it a little busier with a project called ‘What They Spend‘.

The site was initiated out of a desire to create a functional use of open data related to MP expenditures.  So far, the project has had moderate success and I’m in need of some help with finalizing the implementation and graphical interfaces.

To complete the project and to expand on some of the bigger ideas that I’ve developed, I’m looking for someone who’s extremely crafty and creative with data visualizations.  I’d like the home page to have a map or postal code entry that would result in a page that showed your local MP, how much they’re spending and where they’re located.

The other aspect of the site is data comparisons.  I’d like comparisons to be easy and quick.  Sample ideas include the following:

  • Total spend by party
  • Total spend by province
  • Total spend compared to number of seats
  • Total spend compared to distance from Ottawa to the MP constituency office
  • Allocation by category and comparison to norms

You get the idea.  With four parties, 10 categories and 308 ridings, there are a lot of permutations possible.  In an ideal world, we’d make it easy for Canadians to manipulate the information to show all of these permutations in a way that makes sense.

If you’re interested in this project and would like to contribute with the data visualizations, please contact me (bill AT bottree DOT com) as soon as possible.  I’d like to have the ‘refreshed’ and finished product live before the MPs return to the House of Commons in a couple of weeks.


Bill Wittur
Managing Director
Bottree Digital Services

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