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UK Takes Step Towards Open


Will We Ever See ‘TheyWorkForYou’ in Canada?

From Michael Geist.

Michael Geist’s blog tipped me to this series of articles with respect to recent activities with the UK government designed to ‘open’ access to their data, MPs and other government offices.

For example, ‘‘ is an access to information portal.  If I look up Liverpool City Council, I’m able to see all submissions made by members of the public, along with responses made AND … indications as to whether or not these responses are indicated as being complete or left open.

Another example:  Find updates, get RSS feeds or other information about any British MPs.

In Canada, the closest thing I’ve found is ChangeCamp, run by Mark Kuznicki.  I’ve contacted him and will let you know if he has similar plans (or know of other groups that are doing something similar here).

Bill Wittur