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Posted: May 22nd, 2011   |   Category: Blog | Industry News | Planning | Strategy

Will Internet Advertising Overtake Media’s ‘Bastion’?

It looks like TV ad spend is on the rise, but Internet spending is rising faster.

With the demise of scheduled breaks, the introduction of platforms like Hulu and YouTube and ubiquity of NetFlix, it’s likely that Internet advertising will overtake TV advertising within the next few years.

All of this begs the question about the amount of effort that Google is putting into making TV accessible to media buyers.  Earlier this week, Google announced that they have launched a new partnership with DirectTV, an initiative that will soon give media buyers digital access to nearly 37 million homes in the US.  While this is a small percentage of the entire audience, it’s an important stepping stone in merging the two lines above.

There’s no news yet about whether or not this service will be available in Canada, but when it is, it will become another Google-fueled game-changer that will be sure to put everyone in the marketing world on their toes.

For the first time, small businesses and big companies alike will be able to manage their marketing campaigns in-house and without the oversight of hundreds of marketing minions intent on chiselling away at your media budget.

‘Google the Great Equalizer’ will continue on.

It will also ensure a more objective approach is made to developing a media plan.  Historically, TV has been the media option of choice, partially because of its effectiveness, but more importantly because it represents the easiest way to spend the most money with the least amoung of effort.

Once self-serve access to multiple media options becomes ubiquitous, media recommendations will focus on what actually works best.

I can’t wait until that day arrives.

Bill Wittur
Bottree Digital Services

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