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SOPA … Slowed

stop sopaGood news everyone:  progress with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the draconian legislation in the US, has been stopped … for now.

Yesterday, after hundreds of thousands of web sites voluntarily blacked out their content (including this one), the President of the US announced his opposition to SOPA and PIPA.

There are a lot of ‘buts’ with this.

Many US Senators still support SOPA and PIPA and the Senate is set to vote on PIPA on January 24, 2012, while the House Judiciary Committee continues its markup of SOPA in February.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to go away.

Here’s what makes all of this awkward for me.  I’m not a legal expert.  I’m interested in politics, but I try to refrain from discussing politics on this blog.  What I want to do is facilitate a conversation about new technology, media trends and digital strategy.

However, SOPA, PIPA and other actions being taken by massive organizations in the US and elsewhere show a clear disconnect between the traditional creators and distributors and a new era of communications.  We all have to find some kind of middle ground or the whole thing is going to be … messy.

And if that happens, my goal of being a media expert gets messy as well because if the Internet gets ‘broken’ by a pack of ill-informed, palm-pressing legislators in the US that post legislation that’s written by their biggest financial backers, I’ll have nothing to talk about except what a mess things have become.  And none of us want that!

So … please take action against SOPA and stay informed about what this and other badly written Internet laws are all about.  Here are some links you might find useful:

Thanks everyone!

Bill Wittur
Bottree Digital Services