Reporting = Accountability.

It’s a simple formula that represents one of the key strengths of digital communications.

Reporting can take on a wide array of formats.

With display campaigns, the idea is to ensure that reporting tells us whether or not we planned and executed a campaign efficiently, as well as whether or not we got the basic level of response by tactic that we used.

Social networking efforts require a whole different level of reporting, typically described as monitoring.  Even though the field is fairly green, we work with the right solutions for your social monitoring needs.

Ecommerce and other online efforts require a whole other level of reporting, typically demonstrated via analytics and server-side tracking solutions.  These programs allow us to identify how people use your site, what they like and what they don’t like.  Knowing how to interpret these numbers is critical to making sound recommendations for future changes to your site and navigation.

Finally, all of these activities are tied together with conversion reporting.  How many widgets did you sell?  Was it because of your paid media or because your site worked so well?  What are we doing with people that didn’t buy stuff or interact they way you thought they might?  What did we learn from all of these exercises?  Conversion reporting helps with these and many other questions.

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