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News Updates & What I’m Reading

It’s been a very hectic and busy couple of weeks and I’ve been keeping snippets of news hoping to comment on them in detail or provide more context.  Of course, even my ‘minor’ comments below are too hefty for Twitter.

That said, I want to share what I’m reading, so I’m going to provide a few links and let you comment on them as you so desire:

Ten Great Local Search Tools That Don’t Exist
I’ll be blogging on some of these ideas in the near future, so stay tuned!  The local keyword estimator sounds like a winner to me.

New Google Transparency Requirements
I was astounded by the scenario that Brad Geddes of Search Engine Land provided, but I guess that happens in the real world.  If you’re a client and you’re someone who’s been in this situation, give us a call.  ‘Transparency’ is our middle name (leaving ‘Danger’ to Austin).

For the record, we’ve stopped using Google Search Partners because a lot of results are winding up on spammy search engine response pages (SERPs).  We have also cut back on Content Network recommendations for a number of reasons that I will get into at a later date.

At a minimum (and here’s a free tip), make sure that you set up separate campaigns for each of these tactics.

Google’s Updated Keyword Tool Coming Out Of Beta
There will be lots more to this in the coming weeks as well, mainly because the keyword tool is a critical way to develop dynamic and exceptional campaigns.

The critical part of this that will make my life easier:  a way to remove duplicate keywords.

Removing Duplicate Keywords: When you access the Keyword Tool from within an ad group, keywords that are already in that ad group will appear with an “Already in ad group” message next to them

Local:  Mobile Users Are 45% More Likely to Search Locally
Chitika, a search-based online advertising network, reports that mobile users will use their phones for searching local businesses and information.  This is incredibly important for all of you small businesses out there that aren’t actively using search or local placement tools to promote yourself.

Michael Geist on Canada’s Digital Economy Strategy
To be honest, I still haven’t read through most of this, but it’s not time sensitive and I definitely want to get a grip on the whole piece, as Michael has done Canada a great favour with this effort.  Hopefully, some of our government friends will listen.

In time, I suspect I’ll be referencing this a lot for my series on the Digital Destination.

Do Small Businesses Need A Website?
Phew!  Another piece I’ll have to re-read, as I’m firmly in the ‘yes’ camp.  I personally feel that any organization should have their own web site, mainly because they should benefit from their efforts and that benefit is called ‘traffic’.  Using analytics tools and lead capture tools (eg. newsletters, blogs, etc) result in those leads belonging to you and not Yelp or FourSquare or anyone else.

However, with so many local and social tools available, I may have to cave in on that opinion.

As the summer winds down, I promise to pick up on a series of articles that I’ve had in the burner for a while.

Until then, enjoy the sunshine!

Bill Wittur
Managing Director
Bottree Digital Services