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Posted: November 12th, 2009   |   Category: Blog | Case Studies | Planning | Promotion | Strategy

I was away this past weekend in Michigan with my wife and son (here, here, here, here and 2.5 hours waiting to cross the border here).

We were away for two nights and any time I’m in a hotel or at a friend’s place, I notice that my media habits change.  Even though they are technically included with the price (note:  my friends usually don’t charge me when I couch surf), there’s always a perception on my part that services like TV and newspapers are ‘free’.

As a result, I wind up ‘consuming’ them more.

In fact, I overdo it, particularly with TV.

I usually wash through the channels, looking for something interesting, never finding anything.  I don’t watch sports (gasp!) and I can’t watch movies when they have ad breaks in them.

But still I watch.  I sit, I watch, I drift and time goes by without having ‘done’ anything.

And once the weekend is over, my habits change again.  I stop watching TV (DVD movies don’t count!) and re-engage with the world via the Internet.

I don’t think my habits are an anomoly.

Research has shown that more and more people are consuming less TV and print media in favour of the Internet, but we all knew that, right?  In fact, this research related to media habits of younger folks doesn’t even include print and all of the ‘devices’ are still digital, which means when you add up all of the digital devices, they outrank TV by a 4-to-1 margin.

This is astounding!

I guess all it took was a weekend away (and a little fresh data) to remind me that the Internet IS king and offers the greatest future as far as media habits go.

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