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London (UK) to Get Wi-Fi by 2012

christie brinkley retin a, christie brinkley retin a, christie brinkley retin a, christie brinkley retin a, christie brinkley retin a, christie brinkley retin a. wireless icon bottreeThe mayor of the City of London (England) has pledged to make wi-fi a way of life in his town by the time the Olympics arrive in 2012.

Additional plans include initiatives to open data to the public, something that cities around the globe are trying to do in order to give the public the ability to create tools and applications that would be to the benefit of all inhabitants.

When asked about details about the wireless plan, the mayor laid out the plans, all of which seem extremely practical:

The scheme is expected to work by installing thousands of ‘hotspots’ into street lights and bus stops. The boxes would use the existing electrical supply and wiring, and would be able to cover a small distance around the area with wifi.

By installing thousands of them, the Mayor plans to blanket the entire capital with wifi.A� 22 Boroughs have already signed up to the scheme.

A similar scheme already exists in the City of London, which offers users internet access anywhere.
The plan is expected to allow both commuters and local homes to access the internet, although no details of pricing have been given.

Let’s hope local London officials are paying attention to this.

My recommendation is that the city of London (Ontario) start with a small area like the downtown core as a pilot test.A� The incentive for doing this would be to offer people an added incentive to visit and use the downtown core.

Bill Wittur
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