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Getting Found Online With LinkedIn Is Now Easier

LinkedIn is one of a few social platforms that have made getting found online relatively painless.  The audience of users with LinkedIn is roughly 90 million and most of these users use LinkedIn for shameless self-promotion, largely from a business or professional standpoint.  In other words, if you’re looking for pictures of people quaffing from beer funnels or hauling on dope bongs, you’ll probably have to look elsewhere.

With this in mind, LinkedIn has just updated a number of elements related to its self-serve advertising platform:

  • Name change:  it’s now LinkedIn Ads and not DirectAds
  • Target by Current Job Title
  • Target by Company Name (this has been in the works for some time)
  • Target Members of LinkedIn Groups

These are timely updates given that LinkedIn has added more than 7 million users in just the last three months.

As we use this platform for other clients in the coming months, we hope to add more context to these new targeting tools.

The big ‘however’ is that LinkedIn will have to start moving forward faster to make their advertising even more attractive, either in the form of more opportunities or greater visibility.  A company called BranchOut has just launched a new application that will integrate your Facebook connections and make career networking much easier.

The key with Branchout is extending your connections into other connections with a specific aim of reaching influencers with organizations that you want to be involved with.

How will this affect LinkedIn?  Well, our suggestion is that the business portal will be put at a disadvantage, largely because they don’t have the same volume of initial users as Facebook.  That said, Facebook is loaded with fake, dormant or duplicate accounts (I have a separate account for each client), so a full audit of their actual users may reveal that they’re not as busy as everyone thinks.

Bill Wittur
Managing Director
Bottree Digital Services