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How Much Did You Spend Online in 2011?

What Are You Spending Online?

In 2011, how much did you spend online?  How much do you have budgeted for 2012?

If you’re anything like IAC (owners of TicketMaster, Expedia and dozens of other web platforms), you’re spending a pretty sizable whack of cash and it’s likely that this will continue in 2012.

Ad Age, through Kanter Media (a subsidiary of WPP) has estimated the spend for the world’s biggest Google advertisers.

A summary of these spenders is listed below.  Please note that all of this data is based on global / US estimates and may or may not include Canadian activities.

Parent Global Search Spend (000)
Jan. – Sept. 2011
IAC/InterActiveCorp $174,231
Amazon $118,501
AT&T $115,564
Expedia $92,163
Experian Group $79,281
Microsoft Corp. $70,943
eBay $70,554 $67,616
Capital One Financial Corp. $57,080
State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. $54,507
Sprint Nextel Corp. $53,405
Verizon Communications $52,745
Allstate Corp. $50,076
JP Morgan Chase & Co. $49,214
General Motors Co. $49,048
Blackstone Group $47,502
Progressive Corp. $46,841
Enterprise Holdings $43,070
Avis Budget Group $42,063
Bank Of America Corp. $41,515
Source: Kantar Media

Take a moment and allow your jaw to drop and then give your head a shake.

Why?  Data of this sort begs the question:  ‘what are you planning to spend online in 2012?’

I know … this question is 100% self-serving because I’ve seen a lot of people sitting in the sidelines for the last few years terrified about what will happen when they spend a few hundred bucks with online advertising.  This from people who drop a million bucks on ads no one will see on broadcast TV ads or print ads that are only good for being burned up in the family fireplace.

Why AREN’T You Spending Online?

While part of me wants to scream at how ridiculous this fear is (ie. a phobia of advertising online), my more rational and calm side kicks in and I want to remind everyone out there that there are at LEAST two extremely painless ways to test out online advertising:

  1. Google AdWords Coupons.  I’ve just received several $200 coupons from Google and I’d like to start using them to help prospects get found online.
  2. Google Grants for Charities.  This is an extremely valuable program that Google offers to registered non-profits.

For both options, I manage this initial process completely free of charge to select prospects.  I do the setup, make keyword and ad copy recommendations, manage the budget and help you understand what happened.

That’s right:  all of this FREE OF CHARGE.  I feel it’s that valuable for people to get online, so I surrender my time to help make it happen.  It’s usually just a couple of hours of time, but I’m that passionate about pushing people off the traditional fence.

NOTE:  I don’t want to be accused of being too biased towards Google, but they’re the only ones who are aggressively trying to get everyone using their platform through coupons and other programs.  If you know of other platforms or services that offer initial no obligation-type coupons for prospects, please post details in the comments below or email me (

Anyways, the waiting should be over.  I no longer understand people that aren’t using online advertising and I’m trying not to let my frustration show too much.  If you’re not online or developing a strategy, your competitors are blowing you out of the water and, if this is truly a ‘dog eat dog’ world, you will find yourself in dire straits in 2012.  For good reason.

With this in mind, in 2012, please do me and yourself a huge favour:  fire your agency and throw out the media kit from the TV and print reps.  Start dabbling with online advertising.  Once you dabble, you’ll never go back.

And when you do, you’ll thank me for it!

Bill Wittur
Bottree Digital Services
Get Found Online.