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Google: “Do Not Disturb”

do not disturbI haven’t been traveling as much recently, but we’re all familiar with the piece of cardboard that we hang outside our hotel door when we’re on a visit for more than a couple of days:

“Do Not Disturb”.  It generally means stay out.

No help, no cleaning, no support, no intrusion necessary.

In other words, you’re not wanted until we invite you to help.

Certification & Google’s MCC

Google is one of the most advanced platforms and advertising companies on the planet and everyone wants to use their product (or should be using AdWords and other tools).

They also have exceptional programs like the Google AdWords Certification Partner Program and other training that ensures people have the greatest knowledge of their product.  In fact, once people have the certification, they tend to be very vocal supporters of the products.

That includes Bottree.  At Bottree, we’re Google Certified and we’re proud of this because it helps us differentiate ourselves compared to other ‘fly by nighters’.

The same goes for the MCC (My Client Center).  I can use this dashboard platform to manage all of my accounts and relationships with clients with a minimal amount of effort and confusion.  Billing, campaigns, access and other details are easy to manage and extremely logical.

Competitors to Google are sorely lacking in this department and it’s why I normally recommend Google over others.

This ‘lack of pain’ in setting up and administering accounts makes my life easy and hence, ensures I’m spending time on account optimization as opposed to account set up.

Google:  Please Respect the MCC

This is a direct message to Google and all of your account managers.

Please respect the unwritten covenant that exists when a client invites someone like me to manage their account.  NOTE:  they have not invited Google.

If I am shown as a manager or administrator on the MCC and the client’s account, please do not contact either of us with pitches for ways that you can help manage the account better or help improve activity.

On at least two occasions in the past, Googlers have contacted myself and the client, making things very confusing.

The clients wonder why I haven’t done certain things already and their interest plants seeds of doubts in my relationship with the client.

Googlers almost always recommend basic expansions of the ad strategy (especially the dreading Display Network), without knowing anything about the history on the account, the overall client objectives and other strategy that we’ve tried to develop in the past.

As a result of this intrusion, things get very messy, very quickly.

For the record, I’ve lost two clients now as a result of these intrusions and I’d like them to stop.

An Analogy (and Warning)

Years ago, I was living a different life.  I worked for a technology company that enabled stock trading for most of Canada’s largest fund management companies and pension funds.

For several years, I was the only person overseeing the institutional trading desk and my job was to basically take a few calls, do a few trades using our company number and then switch the lights off at the end of the day.

However, the owners of the company wanted more.  They wanted to offer additional trading services to their clients and manage more of the activity themselves.  They fired me, hired an expensive trading team and waited.

As soon as they took these actions and made their intentions known, no one trusted them.

Change the MCC to Allow Me to Ask Google To Not Disturb Us

Google:  I love you, so please do not make the same mistake.  I don’t want to see you ruin a good thing for everyone.

Do not think that your services will always be well received by the people that are using your platforms.  It will be seen as a breach of privacy and piss a lot of people off.

Your call center folks are exceptional, so I’ll call you when I need your help.

In the interim, please change your MCC control panel so that I can hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on any account that I manage through My Client Center.  If I toggle the ‘stay away’ switch, please stay away.

It’ll keep everyone happy and ensure that you make a lot of money in the coming years.