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Facebook Fascism: Our Way or the Highway

Last week, Facebook rolled out a volume of changes to their pages and how users will have to manage these pages moving forward.

A comprehensive list of those changes have been compiled here.

For those of you who have already invested significant amounts of time and consideration with respect to tabs (the previous format that Facebook used), you’ll have to start all over again and follow and brand new set of rules, as dictated by Facebook.

This isn’t supposed to be how the web works.

The web is about flexibility, creativity and breaking the norm.

Facebook fascism is what comes from surrendering all of your web capacity and presence to another third-party entity – like Facebook.

This is a reminder for everyone to be careful when using any third-party platform to promote themselves. Last year, Ning – the popular ‘Do it yourself’ social platform – decreed that they will no longer offer free access for not-for-profits. This wouldn’t have been a bad thing if this was the policy all along, but changing gears mid-way through the development of a network left a lot of not-for-profits without an audience. The result was what I call a ‘social vacuum’. Lots of contacts were lost literally overnight by a callous decision.

In summary, with all of these non-web web applications, be sure to use them, but be sure to expect that one day, you may also lose them.

Bill Wittur
Managing Director
Bottree Digital Services