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Digital Marketing Articles I’m Reading, April 25, 2010

news iconChart of the Day, Has Any Company Lost More Money Online Than Microsoft?

This chart is astounding!  In just five years (the last time Microsoft made any money online), the company has lost a little under $3 billion and since 1998, they have lost more than $10 billion.

Can they not take a hint?

YouTube, How Many Changes Does Google Make Per Day to the Search Algorithm?

Answer:  roughly 1 change per day.


Google Blog, Introducing Google Places

This is a big change and it’s likely that I’ll have a few posts on this in coming weeks.

Essentially, Google has converted its popular Local Business Center to ‘Google Places’.

Twitter, Matt Cutts Says Sayonara to Facebook (As Well)

Sure … when I leave Facebook, it’s not a big deal, but the main search guru with Google does it and it’s all over the news!