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Posted: January 26th, 2010   |   Category: Blog | Case Studies | Promotion

I wanted to thank John D’Orsay of InterNexus (builder of and for setting up my new site.

Also, if you want to skip to the bottom, I’m randomly giving $100 (CDN) Google Paid Search coupons to people who sign up with the newsletter and other widgets (I’m shameless, I know).  There will be a maximum, so please sign up sooner rather than later.  Preference will be given to those who provide feedback.

Now … on to the site revisions.  We’re still doing some minor tweaking with the site, but I’m very happy with the WordPress template that John recommended.  It seems he knew me and my habits better than I did because many of the site attributes ‘force’ me to be a better blogger and to think about my site as a promotional tool and not a blackboard with wild errant markings all over the place.


  • I finally have a link to my Google AdWords Professional certification at the bottom of the page.
  • The home page is all about the services I/we provide.  Other distractions are buried in the site.
  • I’ve never used the ‘Categories’ properly.  I used them like I would use ‘Tags’, generating nearly 300 categories over the years.  With this site, I’m forced to use a more ‘slender’ number of categories that go in the drop down menu as I add them.
  • There are new, interactive social elements, including the addition of the Feedburner newsletter / RSS subscription and the Google Friend Connect module.  More will be added over the next few weeks as I get more comfortable with where they should go on the site.  Of course, I don’t want to junk it up too quickly).
  • The ‘Bottree tag cloud’ is a nice-to-have gizmo that helps people find active tags with the site.
  • Over the years, people have asked about the name and the logo.  I have finally ‘solved’ that mystery with this page about Bottree and our logo’s origins.
  • Blog entries are image oriented.  As someone who claims to be visually oriented, I find it astounding that I rarely used images with the blog entries.  Now, all of the new entries will usually have some kind of image.
  • The background will change every so often.  Right now, it’s theme is what I call ‘Simpson cloudy’:  good outlook, with a subtle reference to cloud computing.

I hope you enjoy the new format and sign up to read more of our blog entries as we explore what’s happening in the Canadian and international digital marketing industry, offer loads of cool tips and ideas about how to promote your business or organization and just enjoy the ride as the world changes!

COUPON OFFER:  As mentioned above, please help me experiment with some of the widgets that I’ve added to the site.  Sign up, cancel if you want, follow in different formats.  I need to know how everything is working.  If you do this and help me and you have an account or site that you want to promote, I’ll give you a Google Paid Search coupon worth $100 CDN) that you can use to promote your site.  There are a few conditions:  I have to set up the account, but it’ll be all yours to promote yourself.  There will also be a set maximum that I’ll be able to give away, so sign up sooner rather than later.  Finally, your name may be used if I disclose who got the coupons.

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