Bottree Digital has been in business since 1999

We are based in London, Ontario and offer digital marketing services locally, but also specialize in supporting clients, agencies and other organizations anywhere in the world.

Over the last decade, we’ve worked with the largest agencies in the world, developed online strategies for some of the biggest organizations (and some of the smallest ones as well), and have been trained to anticipate one thing in the web world:  change.

From this experience, we’ve learned to appreciate that new rules apply to communications:

  • It’s better to harvest than to hunt.
  • It’s better to cultivate than capture.
  • It’s better to trade than target.

What are we talking about?

These new rules of marketing mean that you – the person with something to sell – needs to rethink how you treat people and get them to buy your ‘stuff’.

These new rules are about dialogue.

Bottree Digital Services can help you create dialogue that will endear yourself with your audience.

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